Key Survey Results and Microgrants from TableTalk

Central Florida Foundation, the region’s community foundation, shares the key takeaways and finalists for microgrants from the inaugural Table Talk event on October 24, 2019.

For the survey, the feedback was analyzed based on responses from 751 adults out of approximately 3,000 total participants to identify key ideas, information and goals that emerged from the conversations:

  • The neighborhood, recreational opportunities and diversity, equity and inclusion are aspects of their community that participants are most happy with.
  • Affordable housing, public transportation and affordable healthcare are aspects of their community participants are most unhappy with.
  • More than 8 in 10 Table Talk participants believe they can have an impact on making their community a better place to live.
  • Residents have shared goals and priorities for their communities.
  • Participants identified time as the greatest obstacle to being more involved in the community; however, participants are interested in getting involved through discussions, volunteering and mentoring.

Click here to access the full report and click here to explore an interactive version of the results.

Central Florida Foundation, along with a third-party organization, Hart Research Associates, gathered the results of the surveys submitted by participants post-Table Talk.

“As Central Florida’s Storytellers, WUCF is on a mission to find out which topics and concerns are most important to our community,” said Dr. Phil Hoffman, WUCF executive director. “Being involved with the Central Florida Foundation’s Table Talk initiative allows us to continue the conversation through our efforts on television and in the community.”

Approximately 300 high school students representing every high school within Orange County Public Schools also participated in Table Talk. Click here to review the findings from the youth survey.

The event initiated a community-wide conversation where all individuals have a seat at the table and a chance to be heard. Local residents hosted tables of up to 10 people at their homes, local coffee shops, office spaces, schools, and other public places giving residents a chance to come together and share their thoughts with the community.

After the event, participants submitted their ideas to improve the community for an opportunity to receive a micro-grant of up to $2,000 to implement the idea. A subset of the steering committee selected 13 submissions to receive microgrants.

“During our Table Talk gathering this year, we realized that many of our community members are on SNAP and don’t think that they can create healthy meals with the finite amount of benefits they receive,” said Daniel Downer, executive director of The Bros in Convo Initiative. “With this microgrant, we want to show them how they can create easy, delicious, and healthy meals even on a very limited budget.”

The projects include:











Helpers of People Enslaved Inc.



To pay for social media ads prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year to promote human trafficking awareness, resources etc. to a targeted high-risk area.






Fiscal sponsor: Center for Change


Actual recipient: Institute for Successful Leadership, Inc.


For the Radiance Roundtable, a conference for Black women to discover and discuss diversities among each other, with a goal of creating innovative ways to improve health status and outcomes.






Eatonville Cultural & Heritage Foundation



To create a phone booth-like space with audio or video recording for the community to share their thoughts, opinions, ideas, to be collectively shared with the community.






Bridge the Gap Coalition



To conduct a community needs-based assessment in Parramore, determine effective social interventions, and host a monthly breakfast to educate on available resources.





Professional Opportunities Program for Students, Inc



To engage students from Evans High School in a summer theater program that performs social-emotional educational plays to children at nearby daycares.






Muslim Women’s Organization



To host a gathering of intersectional women to build mutual respect, understanding, and genuine friendships by sharing stories.






Coalicion Hispana de la Florida Central



For the Puerto Rican Cultural Project to offer traditional and folkloric programs to youth and adults that are tied to Puerto Rican ancestry.






Fiscal sponsor: Muslim Women’s Organization

Actual recipient: Muslim Ambassadors for Peace Student Club at Valencia College



For the Muslim Ambassadors for Peace (MAP) Student Club at Valencia College, to host Community Talks that will help combat stereotypes, prejudices, and bridge the gap between Americans and Muslims.






Fiscal sponsor: Miracle of Love Inc. Actual recipient: The Bros in Convo Initiative




For the Kitchen Table program to highlight delicious and healthy dietary options based on the average dollar amount of a food stamp (SNAP) recipient, which is $4 per person, per day.






One Orlando Alliance Inc



To host a three-part employment and empowerment series with a dedicated goal of getting trans/GNC/nonbinary people sustainable, livable wages.






Sauda JoAnne Jackson



To conduct a multi-generational storytelling project in and around Sanford by pairing youth and elders to conduct interviews, exchange stories, and create a photo for a pop-up exhibit.






Fiscal sponsor: Peer Support Coalition of Florida Inc.

Actual recipient: Peer Support Space




To hold 4 panels aimed at de-stigmatizing mental health in Black communities.






College Park Neighborhood Association



To hold quarterly Table Talk events for the College Park community.






“With Central Florida having one of the lowest rates of community engagement in the country, it’s more important than ever for each of us to do our part in making Central Florida a better place, and Table Talk creates an avenue for those conversations to start,” said Mark Brewer, president/CEO of Central Florida Foundation.

Table Talk 2020 took place virtually on October 24th. Updates will be shared soon.