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Central Florida Foundation is the place for people who want to invest in their community. The Foundation serves as the region’s community foundation and is home to more than 400 charitable funds. The Foundation manages and invests funds, offers personalized service and expert giving advice, connects caring people, businesses, governments and organizations to local initiatives that build and inspire community, and empowers them to make informed decisions that make a difference now and in the future. Central Florida Foundation works with individuals, families, businesses, professional advisors and nonprofits.

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News, Updates & Announcements

  • Central Florida Foundation Activates Hurricane Irma Relief Fund, Assesses Community Needs

    ORLANDO, Fla. (September 14, 2017) – In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Central Florida Foundation has activated its Hurricane Irma Relief Fund, which will support stabilizing and rebuilding efforts in Central Florida. Contributions to the Fund will help nonprofits get back to providing core services and programs that they are...

  • Action Needed: Post Hurricane Irma Assessment for Nonprofits

    We hope that all of the nonprofits in our region made it through Hurricane Irma safely. The sun is out again, but there is much to be done as we move towards stabilizing and rebuilding in Central Florida. With that, we need your help in completing our post Hurricane Irma...

  • Hurricane Irma Relief and How You Can Help

    Central Florida Foundation has activated the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund. The fund will support longer term recovery and rebuilding efforts in Central Florida as we uncover the true effects of the storm in the days ahead. If you would like to support the Fund, you may contribute directly to the...

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