Such a simple thing, talking.

Yet it has the power to spark great things:

Everyone has the power to create change in their community.

On Thursday, October 14, people across Central Florida will host or take part in small group conversations (no more than 10 people) to get ideas flowing about all the different ways — big and small — each of us can make Central Florida a better place.

First, you talk.

  • Sign-up to host a table or participate at a table (in-person or virtually)
  • Join in on the date and time of the conversation
  • Talk openly and honestly about these three questions:
    1. What do you like best about your community?
    2. What could change for the better? (Think of one big change and one small change.)
    3. How could you personally contribute to that change?

Then, we listen.

  • Post your experience on social media using #CFFTableTalk.
  • Take the anonymous survey, evaluating how things went.
  • Then, apply for a microgrant of up to $2,500 if you have an idea to improve the community.

It doesn’t stop with Table Talk, but rather begins.

Start the conversation

Explore the Microgrants

Since 2019, Table Talk participants have started podcasts, launched cooking classes demonstrating healthy meals on a budget, created support services for trauma survivors, provided supplies for pop-up concerts and so much more. When we take action to make even small changes, the possibilities are endless.


Spark the change

Table Talk Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Table Talk?

Who started Table Talk? Why?

Who is Central Florida Foundation?

What about COVID-19?

Who can participate?

When & where is Table Talk?

What does it mean to host a table?

Are table hosts compensated? Is there a cost to register as a guest?

What does it mean to join a table?

What happens after Table Talk?

*Central Florida Foundation encourages all participants to come together safely.  If you choose to meet in person, we urge you to follow current local and CDC guidelines.  Central Florida Foundation cannot guarantee that participants who choose to gather will not become infected with COVID-19.


Central Floridians participated in Table Talk conversations on October 14, 2021. See who they are and what they had to say.



Click on the link below to explore the survey questions asked of Table Talk participants.


Central Florida Foundation awarded a microgrant to Mesa de Cocina/The Kitchen Table, an online collaborative health and nutrition program between The Bros in Convo Initiative and QLatinx, that teaches the community how to prepare healthy and delicious meals on a budget. This project has attracted further investments allowing it to reach more individuals.

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Thank you to our sponsors

  • AARP
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  • University of Central Florida
  • Valencia College
  • Walt Disney World Resorts
  • Walgreens
  • Students of the Media Communications Degree Program at Full Sail and Emily Wray

The fine print: By registering on this website, Table Talk participants agree to receive email communications from Central Florida Foundation regarding Table Talk and may be included in photographs, video and social media posts. We will not provide your personal information to any third parties for the purpose of direct marketing. By registering as a host, host agrees to accept and assume full responsibility and liability for any injury, theft, or loss to host or host’s property, guests, agents and/or employees at any time and from any cause while at the event location, or in transit to or from said event. Host registrant agrees to release Central Florida Foundation and/or any of its agents and/or employees from any and all liability for any injury, theft or loss and agrees to provide and pay for host’s own insurance.