Such a simple thing, talking.

Yet it has the power to spark great things:

Save the date for the conversation our community needs now.

TableTalk is a candid conversation about our community. Everyone living or working in Central Florida is invited. We all have a seat. We all have a voice. We all have a chance to shape our future.

Join the conversation on October 14, 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Table Talk?

TableTalk is a community-wide conversation where for one day, residents of Central Florida will gather to discuss the things that matter most to them. Our favorite things. Our issues and opportunities. Our boldest ambitions and our biggest challenges to making our community better and more dynamic. TableTalk provides a way for all of us to be more civically engaged and committed to the community.

Who started Table Talk? Why?

Central Florida Foundation launched TableTalk in Central Florida to give everyone in the region a voice in how our community operates today, and how it could evolve tomorrow. This idea for a community-wide conversation began with the Chicago Community Trust in 2014 as On the Table. Since then, the concept has been replicated in more than 30 communities nationally and internationally.

Who is Central Florida Foundation?

In 1994, ten visionary thinkers gathered around a table to discuss a simple question: how can we really change Central Florida for the better? The answer was to join forces not just with their dollars, but with the full power of their vision, passion and community connection. Only then, could they drive deep and lasting social change. This partnership evolved into the Central Florida Foundation.

As the region’s community foundation, Central Florida Foundation maintains and administers charitable funds on behalf of multiple individuals, nonprofits and public entities. These fundholders care about making a real difference in our community. And they know real change demands more than dollars and cents.

Who can participate?

Anyone living and working in Central Florida can take part in TableTalk, either by hosting a table or joining a table. Business owners. Parents. Students. Educators. Voters. Taxpayers. Employers. Employees. Neighbors. Young, old and everyone in between. We mean EVERYONE. Everyone has a seat. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has a chance to make a difference. Everyone is welcome and everyone is an expert.

When & where is Table Talk?

This community-wide conversation takes place in a single day, Thursday, October 14, 2021. If October 1 doesn’t work for you, pick a neighboring date to host your conversation.

It will happen in-person and virtually across our community, hosted by different individuals and organizations. Each Table Talk host chooses their in-person or virtual location (Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams, House party app, or any other virtual tool) and decides what time the conversation takes place.

What does it mean to host a table?

It’s pretty simple. Hosts choose a virtual platform and invite 8-10 guests for a conversation. Hosts will guide the talks based on the three TableTalk questions and encourage their guests to complete the online survey afterwards with their thoughts and insights from the conversation. Each host receives tips for organizing a successful conversation and everyone will receive the link to complete the survey.

Are table hosts compensated? Is there a cost to register as a guest?

Table Hosts are not compensated for TableTalk, and there is no cost to be a host or participant.

What does it mean to join a table?

Joining a table allows you to take part in one of the many conversations taking place on Thursday, October 14. Some guests will receive a personal invitation from a Table Host. If you do not know a Table Host and would like to be part of TableTalk, sign up to join a virtual table at a date and time that fits your schedule. Coming Soon!

What happens after Table Talk?

TableTalk participants will complete a survey to share what was discussed during their conversation. Once the surveys are completed and processed to identify the ideas, information and priorities that emerged from the conversations, we will share a report with all TableTalk participants, as well as our entire community. Central Florida Foundation will also make micro-grants available to neighborhoods, or communities that are ready to act on their ideas and propose a plan.


Approximately 3,000 Central Floridians participated in our inaugural TableTalk conversation on October 24, 2019, and more than 750 took the follow-up survey. See who they are and what topics came up at their table in the survey report, Participant Perspectives on Community and How to Affect Change.



Click on the below link to explore the survey questions asked of TableTalk participants.


Central Florida Foundation awarded a microgrant to Mesa de Cocina/The Kitchen Table, an online collaborative health and nutrition program between The Bros in Convo Initiative and QLatinx, that teaches the community how to prepare healthy and delicious meals on a budget.

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