Homeless Impact Funds

Homeless Impact Fund

The Homeless Impact Fund has worked collectively with public and private partners to build a system to reduce homelessness in Central Florida. Thanks to a $6 million investment from AdventHealth, over 339 of the most vulnerable citizens have found housing, healthcare, and mental health services, along with more than 70 families that have received employment assistance to help sustain their housing. Even with all this monumental progress, there is still much to do to continue towards the goal of making homelessness rare, brief and one-time.

  • Gifts to the Homeless Impact Fund support the system that moves individuals into housing
  • Philanthropic contributions cover costs that local jurisdictions are not able to - it keeps the system moving forward and cohesive
  • Contributions are tax deductible

Join the community by investing in the Homeless Impact Fund to continue our shared work of scaling the region’s focus on a housing-first strategy.

Homeless Impact Endowment Fund

Now that a new system for addressing homelessness has been established and proven, it’s time to ensure it continues. The Homeless Impact Endowment Fund secures the Housing First model in the community to ensure it continues to scale and meet the needs of all our neighbors experiencing homelessness, to create a community where everyone feels at home.

The Homeless Impact Endowment Fund will provide a reliable source of funding for nonprofits working in the community-wide housing-first initiative. This is a one-time charitable investment that goes on giving forever. If you care about building the regional system that can address the problems of homeless people and families, this is the most efficient way to give. Each year distributions from this Fund will support the work of the nonprofit partners working with cities and counties to find housing and services for homeless individuals.

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