How To Teach Your Kids About Giving

How To Teach Your Kids About Giving

All parents hope that their kids will grow up to be kind, giving, change-the-world kind of people. But the reality is that these characteristics don’t happen overnight. Teaching children to give back to their community begins at a very early age. And, it can be tough for parents to know just when to introduce the concept of giving to their kids.

4 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Give Back

If you’ve been wanting to teach giving to your children but don’t know where to start, you’re certainly not alone. Here’s how you can start teaching your kids about giving back.

1. Explain The Good

Your kids ask questions all the time, so now it’s your turn to ask and listen. Seek opportunities in your daily life to draw attention to a potential need. Perhaps your child may notice trash on the street, or a person asking for food, or a school supply drive. These are perfect moments to start the conversation, and ask how they feel and what they think can be done to help. Kids are creative and the more ownership they have, the more engaged they will be!

2. Create Opportunities For Giving – And Give Your Kids A Say

The best way for kids to learn to give? Give them the chance to practice. Go volunteer together or choose a charity to raise funds for. But make sure your kids get a say in where you’re volunteering and who you’re giving to. This will make the project feel personal and help them connect with the good feelings that come from giving.

3. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Kids give naturally. Whether it’s sharing a toy with their sibling or giving mommy a gift, kids do all sorts of things to make others feel good. When you see it, acknowledge it. Ask your kids how it made them feel to give or show an act of kindness, but also ask them how they think the person on the receiving side felt so they learn to appreciate both sides. 

4. Be A Giving Role Model 

Most of what kids do, the way they see the world and how they learn to act is modeled by their parents. One of the most essential things you can do to teach kids about charitable giving is to be a giver yourself. Give back and make sure to tell your kids the details about what you’re doing and why. 

Looking for More Ways to Teach Giving?

Our team at Central Florida Foundation are experts in family giving. Every day we work alongside families and nonprofits, working to fund change that makes a real, lasting impact on the community. If you have questions about where to give, how to give or are looking to set up a family fund, give us a call today.