Central Florida Foundation Elects New Board Members & Secretary

The Central Florida Foundation Board of Directors recently elected new board members Achal Aggarwal, Sean DeMartino, Giti Khalsa, John M. Martinez, and Lourdes Mola. Kay Rawlins, returning board member, has been elected as Secretary of the board. Each of their professional work within Central Florida will complement expertise needed at the board-level to power high-impact philanthropy.

Achal Aggarwal

Achal is a health law attorney and Orlando native. His family has been engaged in philanthropic work in Orlando for many years and is thrilled to continue the legacy of philanthropy.

Sean DeMartino

Sean leads business operations including acquisition, administration and execution as president of Costal Construction’s Central and North Florida Division. His work has involved projects across industries and geographic locations.

Giti Khalsa

Giti was the drummer of Seven Mary Three, a platinum recording artist that produced six albums. He later developed a passion for business and entrepreneurship and left the group in 2006 to become a financial advisor. In his role at Morgan Stanley, he applies firsthand knowledge in the areas of wealth accumulation and preservation.

John M. Martinez

John is an Executive Director in the Orlando office of J.P. Morgan Private Bank. In this role, Mr. Martinez helps high net worth individuals and their families build, preserve, and manage their wealth for themselves and future generations. Previously, John practiced law and filled a vacancy on the Orange County Board of County Commissioners, where he fulfilled the remainder of the term and represented District 3.

Lourdes Mola

Lourdes leads her own consultancy firm and specializes in the areas of sales, business development, marketing, public affairs and corporate citizenship. She has a deep understanding and respect for the influences that ethnicity, race, language, and culture have on society. She takes pride in her community and understands the great responsibility that comes with inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, business developers and innovators.

Kay Rawlins

Kay is the VP of Community Relations for Orlando City, President of the Foundation and is also a Founder and Owner of the Club. Originally from the UK, Kay has lived in the US for over 10 years. Kay’s service to the Board of Directors at Central Florida Foundation has now expanded to Secretary.