Through our strategic grantmaking process, Central Florida Foundation identifies organizations and initiatives that are truly transforming our community. This funding empowers them to launch new programs, build on the success of current efforts, and expand innovative solutions to create an even greater impact. We select recipients and determine funding amounts carefully. Our goal is to maximize the impact of every donor’s dollar. We understand that in the right hands, any grant amount has the potential to make a great impact.



Our Community Investment Grants take place year-round and are focused on nonprofits in the Central Florida region. These Impact Fund and Porfolio grants are initiative based and by invitation only. There is no application required and a profile in Nonprofit Search is the first step to qualify for consideration.


We have three aplication-based grant cycles: Winter Park Community grants in the late summer/fall, Grassroots grants in the spring, and TableTalk grants following our event every October. Nonprofit Search profiles are required for a complete application.


Signature Fund Grants are independently directed by donors who have established Signature Funds with Central Florida Foundation. The grant process is driven by recommendations from the Fund's advisors.

*While these grants are not directed at the discretion of the Foundation, we recommend nonprofits establish a Nonprofit Search profile for greater visibility.




Our Winter Park Community Grants, a signature initiative of the Winter Park Community Foundation at Central Florida Foundation, seeks to award three one-time capability building and/or programmatic grants to eligible public, private or faith-based entities located in or serving Winter Park, FL.
Three grants will be awarded this year:
  • (1) grant for $25,000
  • (1) grant for $15,000
  • (1) grant for $10,000
Our primary focus this year is unique projects that can increase the capability of your nonprofit or its programs to increase education, health, and/or economic stability for your constituents and increase equity. Requests can include but are not limited to technology, program materials, staff training, and community collaboration. This time around, less weight will be given to proposals for marketing or strategic plans or staff positions. The grant does not need to cover the full cost of the project.
Information to get started:
  • Click here to create a profile in Nonprofit Search for the first time, or click here for the checklist to update your nonprofit’s existing profile.
  • Your organization must serve people in Winter Park, Florida
Mark your calendar with these important dates:
  • Application opens August 21, 2023
  • New nonprofit search profiles must be submitted for review by September 8, 2023
  • Existing Nonprofit Search profiles must be submitted for review by September 15, 2023
  • Application closes at 11:59 pm on September 22, 2023
The application can be found in your MyGrant account, using code WP2024
Questions? Contact Alissa Mahadeo, Community Investment Manager, at or 407.872.3050.

Create a Nonprofit Search Profile

Central Florida Foundation draws on information from profiles in our Nonprofit Search database to assess and identify grant recipients. To be considered for one of the three types of grants available, the first step is to create a profile in Nonprofit Search.


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