Nonprofit Resources

In addition to the grants that we award annually, there are numerous other ways that we assist our nonprofit partners.

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Search

The Central Florida Foundation’s Nonprofit Search is available to all 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations in our region (the Independent Sector) as a way to be more transparent and provide easier access to grant makers and funders, donors, charitable investors and others.

Each nonprofit portrait contains in-depth information about a nonprofit organization. Visitors to Nonprofit Search can find organizations that are dedicated to the causes they are passionate about in their community. We use the data to provide knowledge about the Independent Sector to the community in the form of CFF Sector Reports.

Visitors can find:

– Key information needed prior to making a financial investment

– Links to an organization’s online donation page

– A place to volunteer or work

– Social media tools for sharing information about an organization

Nonprofit Search Portrait Tools

We have a library of tools for nonprofits that are completing or updating information in Nonprofit Search to make the process easier.

Nonprofit Search User Guide Click Here

Nonprofit Board Attendee Worksheet Click Here

Understanding the Financial Section Click Here

Portrait Annual Update Checklist Click Here

Nonprofit Search Learn More Logo Click Here

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Nonprofit Endowment

Central Florida Foundation is home to most of the nonprofit endowment funds in our region. Our staff are experts in the management of these funds, which provide stable, predictable sources of income to our community’s nonprofits. Nonprofits make a minimum contribution of $50,000 to begin their endowment and our staff handles the investment management, annual distribution and administrative responsibilities. To learn more about creating a nonprofit endowment, contact us.

Planned Giving Assistance

The Central Florida Foundation is able to work with donors and accept many types of charitable gifts beyond traditional cash and stock gifts, which benefit nonprofit organizations in Central Florida and across the country. We accept gifts of real estate, life insurance policies, and many planned giving options. The Foundation has the ability to receive, manage and sell these gifts in a cost-effective manner, resulting in the maximum dollars available to fund your charitable investment.

To receive a personalized consultation on your resource development and planned giving activities, contact us.

Business Lawyers’ Pro Bono Project

The mission of the Business Lawyers’ Pro Bono Project is to assist nonprofits in obtaining pro bono legal assistance from a business lawyer. Your nonprofit can receive assistance with drafting or revising articles or bylaws; advising on governance issues and real estate, employment law, intellectual property or grant compliance matters; negotiating or reviewing contracts; giving tax advice; and advising on merger or consolidation of nonprofit.

Participating nonprofits must be located in Lake, Orange, Osceola or Seminole counties, registered with the state of Florida, have an active state charitable solicitations permit, and have a completed portrait in Nonprofit Search. Certain types of nonprofits are excluded from this program.

For more information and an application, please visit the Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership. If you plan to apply, please make sure that your Nonprofit Search portrait is completed or updated. Login now.

Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership

The Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership at Rollins College, part of the Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business, was established to strengthen the impact, effectiveness and leadership of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations through education and management assistance.

The Edyth Bush Institute offers nonprofit workshops, networking events and certificate programs, including the Certificate in Board Orientation: An Introduction to Nonprofit Board Service, which members of your board of directors can highlight in your organization’s portrait. Click here to learn more about the Edyth Bush Institute.

Mary Meghan Flanagan

Community Knowledge Manager

Let us assist you.

To learn more about creating a portrait for your nonprofit organization, please contact Mary Meghan Flanagan, Community Relationship Manager.

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Central Florida Foundation Announces Grants to Area Nonprofits

ORLANDO — July 12, 2018— Central Florida Foundation today announces the grants from its annual Community Investment Grant Round. The Foundation’s board of directors approved...

Ambassador Robert Hutchings

“As a teacher, instead of showing students the one right answer, my aunt gave them the tools and encouragement to find their own answers. She made mathematics an integral part of her students’ liberal education. I wanted to do something for the community that would carry on her name.” – Robert Hutchings

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Community Investment Grant Round

Central Florida Foundation has awarded up to $168,630 in grants from its Community Investment grant round. The Community Investment grant round is part of Central Florida Foundation’s effort to educate the next generation about investing in nonprofits. For the fifth year in a row, students enrolled in Philanthropy, Fundraising, and Social Entrepreneurship, a masters-level course in the School of Public Administration at the University of Central Florida, teamed up with mentors from the Foundation.

New for this year, the class partnered with students enrolled in Government and Nonprofit Accounting, a masters-level course taught by Dr. Lynda Dennis in the College of Business Administration also at the University of Central Florida. The students in the accounting course reviewed the financial statements of the nonprofits under consideration by the students in the philanthropy course. Their observations helped inform the students in the philanthropy course as they narrowed their decisions and crafted their grant recommendations.

Endowed funds at Central Florida Foundation make the Community Investment grant round possible. These permanent community assets were originally established by generous individuals whose desire was to help maintain and improve the quality of life in Central Florida. Their lasting contribution will help meet future needs of the community that could not have been anticipated when the funds were established. While these individuals have since passed away, their investments will continue on forever through careful investing and administration at Central Florida Foundation.

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