Central Florida Foundation Launches Central Florida Focus: Homeless Impact Fund

November 11 2014


ORLANDO, Fla. — November 11, 2014 — Central Florida Foundation, in partnership with the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, today announces the establishment of the Central Florida Focus: Homeless Impact Fund. This new fund creates a platform for investment in evidenced-based strategies to change the course of homelessness in Central Florida, including permanent supportive housing and wrap around services.

The goals of the fund set by the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness (CFCH) are to end chronic homelessness and significantly impact family homelessness through investments from local governments, individuals, private foundations and corporations in Central Florida. Everyone has the opportunity to get involved. Chronic homelessness is when someone has “experienced homelessness for a year or longer or have experienced at least four episodes of homelessness in the last three years, and have a disability.” Family homelessness is when a family has experienced “recurrent problems with housing, often due to seasonal/minimum-wage income jobs or sporadic domestic situations that affect stable housing.”[1]

“The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness is proud to partner with the Central Florida Foundation on this collaborative fund,” said Andrae Bailey, CEO of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness. “This fund represents the largest commitment to housing for the homeless in the history of our region, which will transform lives.”

Funding will provide seed money, sustainability grants and low-interest loans to nonprofit candidates identified through the organizational portraits posted on the Nonprofit Search section of the Foundation’s website. Of interest are nonprofits whose work supports the priorities that will be identified by the board of directors of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness.

“Central Florida Foundation is proud to be the community’s trusted partner to drive homeless solutions,” said Mark Brewer, president/CEO of Central Florida Foundation.

The foundation will manage and invest the funds and manage the grant-making process, including evaluation of all grants against a scorecard developed by CFCH. The Homeless Impact Fund Advisory Board will oversee the grants process, review outcomes and performance and recommend grants for approval to the Central Florida Foundation board of directors.

“The Central Florida Foundation board of directors is excited to play the collaborative role of attracting capital to empower public sector and nonprofit sector organizations across the region,” said Martin Rubin, chairman of the Foundation’s board of directors.

Members of the advisory board will include select investors, public sector funders, private foundations and corporations.

“The creation of this fund marks a historic day for our community and for the homeless in need,” said Bailey. “This is the first important step in the creation of new housing options, the supportive services needed to help people get off the streets permanently and modern rapid housing options for families in crisis.”

To contribute to the Homeless Impact Fund, click here, fill out the personal information section of the CFF Donation Form and select the Homeless Impact Fund in the Fund Listing. Complete the rest of the form with your desired donation amount and then click submit.

About Central Florida Foundation

The Central Florida Foundation is a public grant-making foundation headquartered in Orlando, Florida, that serves as a trusted philanthropic home for more than 400 charitable funds established by generous individuals, families and corporations. The Foundation manages and invests funds, offers personalized service and expert giving advice, connects donors with charitable organizations that they feel passionate about, and empowers them to make informed decisions that make a difference in the community. The Foundation works with individuals, families, businesses, professional advisors and nonprofits. For more information on Foundation, please visit www.cffound.org.

About Central Florida Commission on Homelessness

The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness serves as a catalyst to mobilize, coordinate and facilitate all entities that deal with homelessness and poverty issues in Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties. They work with top leaders from each sector of the community & coordinate efforts to reduce homelessness in Central Florida while ensuring that funding is in place to support new systems and solutions.


[1] The Cost of Long-Term Homelessness in Central Florida (Shinn, 2014) http://www.impacthomelessness.org/resources/docs/eis/Eco-Impact-Report-LOW-RES.pdf

Click here to learn more about the Central Florida Focus: Homeless Impact Fund.

Photo credit: Impact Homelessness, http://homelesscentralflorida.org/.