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How the Mercury Seven Astronauts Influenced Two Lives in Philanthropy

September 23 2020 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} After spending just a few minutes with George and Lisa Schott, you know you’re in for a good time. The dynamic husband and wife team have devoted their lives to helping others and have been steered by the opportunities and obstacles they have encountered in life. Lisa, an expert acoustical...

Parramore Asset Stabilization Fund Helps Residents During COVID-19

September 16 2020 • Rachel Calderon, Janet de Guehery, Caroline White

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Parramore Asset Stabilization Fund, PASF, was formed in 2018 to purchase scattered-site rental properties in Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood, in order to improve housing conditions and preserve long-term affordability in the area. PASF is a collaboration between three strong nonprofit organizations with a focus on housing: Central Florida Foundation, Florida Community...

Our response to National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy Report

September 04 2020 • CFF Team

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Last week the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) released the report, “Black Funding Denied: Community Foundation Support for Black communities.” The report is incomplete and inaccurate and Central Florida Foundation holds NCRP and its team accountable for releasing a report that uses this level of questionable data. While we...

Nonprofit medical clinics receive grants for Winter Haven residents
An investment from fund at Central Florida Foundation connects Winter Haven residents to medical care

July 08 2020 • Dave Walter

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} LAKELAND (July 8, 2020) – The Yardley, England, Trimmer, and Orlich Charities Fund at Central Florida Foundation has awarded a grant of $10,139.68 to GiveWell Community Foundation (GWCF) to assist residents in the Winter Haven area without access to affordable medical care. To achieve this, GWCF identified several nonprofit clinics...

Central Florida Foundation Elects New Board Members & Secretary

June 24 2020 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} ORLANDO, Fla. — June 24, 2020 — The Central Florida Foundation Board of Directors recently elected new board members Achal Aggarwal, Sean DeMartino, Giti Khalsa, John M. Martinez, and Lourdes Mola. Kay Rawlins, returning board member, has been elected as Secretary of the board. Each of their professional work within...

A Place to Call Home

June 23 2020 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} How hard can it be for Central Florida families to find a good, affordable place to call home? For Shanaqua and Frankie Gibson, it wasn’t easy. Over the years, the couple and their three children lived with family members and even in a hotel before they finally found a...

Community Resources on Racism & Equity

June 11 2020 • CFF Team

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} As a follow-up to the Conversation on Racism & Underlying Issues on Wednesday, June 10, find resources and action steps below. This is just a small glimpse to steps we can all take, and this is a growing and changing list that we will update with new information. If you...

A Note on Racism and Next Steps

June 04 2020 • CFF Team

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} A note to our community: At Central Florida Foundation we are all feeling so many emotions. Without question, we are deeply saddened and disturbed by the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and other Black lives across the country. We acknowledge and stand with the individuals using their...

Central Florida Foundation Invests Over $1.5 Million In Local Nonprofits Amidst COVID-19
Philanthropy mobilizes dollars to support nonprofit operations and innovation

May 11 2020 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} ORLANDO, Florida — May 11, 2020 — Central Florida Foundation, the region’s community foundation, today announces over $1.5 million of investments in nonprofit operations and innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The investments span an array of community areas including mental health, the elderly, animals, healthcare, hunger and homelessness. These investments are...

Central Florida Foundation Invests Up to $1.2 Million for Food Relief
COVID-19 Drives Local Food Bank to Provide Services in New Ways

April 13 2020 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} ORLANDO — April 13, 2020 — As COVID-19 places an unexpected halt on the local economy and exponentially increases the needs of local residents, an anonymous fund at Central Florida Foundation (CFF) today announces an up to $1.2 million investment in SecondHarvest Food Bank of Central Florida. The investment...

Charitable Giving in Hard Times

April 03 2020 • Nicole Donelson

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} During uncertain and unprecedented times, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. When every day unfolds to bring a new change, businesses and nonprofits adjusting nearly every hour, it can all be too much. Many of us want to help, but aren’t really sure where to begin. While we don’t know the...

Check-In with CFF

March 27 2020 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} With the news constantly evolving around COVID-19, the world feels uncertain right now. No doubt that times are tough right now. We value you, our community partners, and we are committed to staying connected and sharing how to best support the community during this time. Here are some thoughts and...

Central Florida Foundation Shares Key Survey Results and Microgrants from Table Talk
Residents of Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties share their thoughts on Central Florida and submit ideas for change

March 13 2020 • CFF Team

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} ORLANDO – MARCH 13, 2020 – Central Florida Foundation, the region’s community foundation, today shares the key takeaways and finalists for microgrants from the inaugural Table Talk event on October 24, 2019. For the survey, the feedback was analyzed based on responses from 751 adults out of approximately 3,000 total...

An Update from Central Florida Foundation on Coronavirus

March 13 2020 • CFF Team

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} At Central Florida Foundation, we take the threat of the coronavirus very seriously. From the possibility of widespread infection to the economic effects, we realize the layers of negative impact this pandemic can have on all aspects of the Central Florida community. Our priority is to keep our team, their...

Michelle Carlton: A Spirit of Entrepreneurship & Service Gives Hope

March 10 2020 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Some people naturally exude kindness and warmth. That’s the instant feeling during time spent with Michelle Carlton. She holds many titles – mother, friend, daughter, mentor, successful real estate professional and philanthropist. She has made great strides in each of them and humbly shares her journey in philanthropy. Underpinnings of compassion...

Winter Park Community Grants invests in bright ideas

February 19 2020 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} The Winter Park Community Grants, a signature initiative of the Winter Park Community Foundation at Central Florida Foundation, awards grants to nonprofits in Winter Park, Florida each year. Past initiatives include upgraded software for the Bach Festival of Winter Park, after school programs at Cornell Fine Arts Museum, the “Say...

Community Leaders Announce $100 Million Fund to Address Local Housing Crisis

February 05 2020 • CFF Team

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} ORLANDO — February 5, 2020 — Today Central Florida Foundation and the Central Florida Regional Housing Trust (CFRHT) announce the establishment of the Housing Impact Fund, an effort of CFRHT’s Central Florida Housing Action Team (CFHAT), to implement creative funding solutions to address the housing crisis in Orlando. With over...

Parramore Asset Stabilization Fund Keeps Rental Housing Affordable in Central Florida
“This is a like a dream come true…this is just wonderful.” – PASF Resident

January 22 2020 • Janet de Guehery

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} In Orlando, 76% of low-income households are cost burdened, spending more than 40% of income on rent and utilities. In the Parramore neighborhood – a historic and predominantly African-American area – the median income is $15,000, and unemployment is at 24%, making it one of the poorest sections of the...

Mark Brewer, President/CEO, Reflects on 2019

December 06 2019 • Mark Brewer

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Dear Friends, As we celebrate the holiday season, I want to share how thankful I am for your commitment to building a better community. Through our year together, many of you have brought your head, heart and wallet to the table to face some of the most challenging issues in our...

Have an idea, make a change
Apply by December 31st for a micro-grant to bring your Table Talk ideas to life

November 07 2019 • CFF Team

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Table Talk gave us the space to talk openly and to see our challenges and our possibilities. That was the first step, now apply for a micro-grant of up to $2,000 to bring your idea to life. Here are the questions: How would you describe your idea to...

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