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100 Women Strong

New pilot program aims to prepare kids for success at Pine Hills child care centers

March 01 2018 • CFF Team

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} ORLANDO, Fla. (March 1, 2018) — A new pilot program aims to meet the social and emotional needs of young children in the Pine Hills community. The pilot program is supported by 100 Women Strong, a giving circle at Central Florida Foundation that focuses on empowering the lives of women...

How a “Giving Circle” Can Transform You Into a “Philanthroactivist”

March 01 2018 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Philanthropy comes in many shapes and sizes. In other words, there’s no one-size-fits all approach to giving — and that’s a good thing! It means that each and every one of us can support the causes we hold close to our hearts in the ways that are the most...

Companies with a conscience: A Business Strategy of Social Responsibility
If you're in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%." - Warren Buffet

August 11 2017 • Avani Desai

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} “For every product you purchase,” promises the TOMS motto, “TOMS will help a person in need.” It’s the mission statement inspired by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie, whose heart went out to the barefoot local children he encountered during his 2006 trip to Argentina; he decided to do something proactive and...

Am I a Philanthropist?

July 07 2017 • Leslie Hartog

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} This question occurred to me as I was reading an article about “Harriet Lake, 95, local philanthropist, and hat enthusiast” (and a 100 Women Strong member, although the article didn’t mention that). She was being honored for her lifelong support of the arts and her recent $2 million donation to...

Advocate Helps Foster Youth Succeed in High School and Beyond

May 26 2017 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} For most teenagers, high school is a fun, exciting chapter of their lives. They go to prom, attend sporting events, tour colleges with family members, and prepare for the next steps after graduation. But, for youth in foster care, attending college and working toward a career can seem like a...

Philanthropreneurship: The Strategic Mindset of Entrepreneurial Philanthropy
“It is more difficult to give money away intelligently than to earn it in the first place.” –Andrew Carnegie

May 08 2017 • Avani Desai

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} As the term itself suggests, a philanthropreneur is an entrepreneurial philanthropist: a person who fuses the active philanthropist role with business practices and resources that can be leveraged to achieve scalable, sustainable social change. Philanthropreneurs take philanthropy to a new level by pairing generosity with smart proactive actions. They’ve made...

The Importance of Early Intervention Services

February 27 2017 • Avani Desai

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} “The good-news stories in medicine are early detection, early intervention.” - Dan Marino Research on child development has discovered that the rate of human learning and mental growth is most rapid during the preschool years. The timing of early intervention - entailing services for infants, toddlers, and small children...

Giving Circles by Women: The Nation’s Increasing Number of Philanthroactivists

December 19 2016 • Avani Desai

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Hundreds of years old in theory, the concept of the “giving circle” has reignited across the nation, growing more diverse, aware, popular, and effective with each passing year. Initially begun by and composed of women, the movement of the giving circle is based on the notion of participatory philanthropy, where...

Young Philanthropists: How Teaching Philanthropy Shapes the Future of Giving

November 18 2016 • Avani Desai

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} “What this world needs is a new kind of army—the army of the kind.” –Cleveland Amory When people think of “philanthropy,” they think of the rich setting up charities, large non-profit organizations such as UNICEF or Doctors Without Borders, and six-figure donations made by powerful families. These surely all...

Philanthropic Spirit: The Giving that Gives Back
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop

October 10 2016 • Avani Desai

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} It shouldn’t come as a surprise that giving is good for you. In case it does, however, we’ve got a few reasons to explain it—and a few ways to illuminate how this gift applies to you, too. Philanthropists throughout the world—regardless of status or wealth—report feelings of euphoria and...

Reframing the Conversation
Women Shattering the Ceiling in Philanthropy

September 13 2016 • Avani Desai

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} As I’m writing these very words, a spectacular, massive cultural shift is underway. The growth of women’s wealth, power and influence is redefining philanthropy with a more pragmatic, involved and collaborative approach. According to a Growing Under the Radar report, at least 43% of American millionaires are women,...

100 Women Strong announces grants for 2016

January 27 2016

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} ORLANDO, Fla. — JANUARY 27, 2016 — 100 Women Strong, a giving circle at Central Florida Foundation today announced its 2016 grant awards. The Education+ Pilot Program at Foundation for Foster Children and the support of data collection required to become eligible for federal funding at Impower are the...