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Nonprofit Partnership Invests $8 Million in Affordable Housing in Central Florida
The collaboration will bring innovation, long-term housing affordability, and stability to the Parramore community

February 19 2019 • CFF Team

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Three nonprofit organizations have entered a new partnership to invest $8 million in Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood, improving and preserving long-term affordable housing rental units for families in Central Florida. Florida Community Loan Fund, Central Florida Foundation, and New Jersey Community Capital have formed the Parramore Asset Stabilization Fund (“PASF”) to...

Richard's Story of Homelessness to Housed

June 27 2018 • Dewey Wooden, LMHC

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} It all began in 1996. Struggling to battle a chronic mental illness, Richard had become disillusioned with life, and at 45-years-old, he packed a 100-pound bag of gear and walked away from his life. He left a successful catering business, his wife of eight years, and the children he had...

The Moment that Everything Changed

February 15 2018 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Naomi was a young mother of two girls, ages 1 and 5, living in New York with her boyfriend. It wasn’t a healthy relationship — he was violent and abusive toward her, and there were constant fights and beatings. After one particularly bad fight, Naomi decided that enough was enough,...

“Impact Families” to address underlying issues of housing stability, employment, income

August 04 2017 • CFF Staff

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 4, 2017 – The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness today announces the launch of Impact Families, a pilot program intended to test and evaluate a new system of care for families who find themselves homeless in our region. The demonstration pilot will focus on increasing housing...

Our Central Florida Homeless Issue - What Should You Do?

April 06 2017 • Meghan Warrick

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} In our last post about homelessness, we discussed a housing-first approach that our community has adopted to end homelessness in Central Florida. This month, Meghan Warrick, our executive vice president and chief financial officer is sharing a more personal perspective on homelessness and how as individuals we can help… Often...

Our Central Florida Homeless Issue
How Can You Help with a New Solution?

March 07 2017 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} This editorial was featured in the March 2017 issue of The Park Press. Central Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the world. We have beautiful weather, pristine beaches, welcoming communities, unique local businesses, sports venues, cultural attractions, endless entertainment and so much more. However, in the...

Larry's Story: One Man's Journey Home in Central Florida

January 26 2017


If you have ever lived or worked in Downtown Orlando for any length of time, you have probably seen him. At the corner of Colonial Drive and Westmoreland Drive you could find him at self-appointed post, clad in white sheets and barefoot (as he preferred). As a well known fixture in the area, some have even called him the “John the Baptist of Westmoreland.”


May 01 2015

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} This is the last post in our series this week about understanding how Central Floria is working to help solve the issue of homelessness in our community. We will share more details as the process evolves. Be sure to stay connected to Central Florida Foundation (CFF), Central Florida Commission on...

Where Does Your Nonprofit Fit In?

April 30 2015

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Now that we are nearing the end of the blog series for this week, you might be wondering where your nonprofit fits in with these changes. Here are a few guidelines: Your organization’s Nonprofit Search portrait will be an important resource. Maintain a Reviewed portrait so that your...

Winds Are Changing

April 29 2015

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Today’s post in the series is about how the environment is changing in regards to solving homelessness in Central Florida. So much great work happens in our community every day that we learn through conversations, Nonprofit Search, social media, events and more. What if we could take it a step...

Who's Who?

April 28 2015

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Continuing from yesterday’s post about the goals of our community around solving homelessness, today’s post is about the roles of Central Florida Foundation, Central Florida Commission on Homelessness and Corporation for Supportive Housing. The issue of homelessness is not just the responsibility of one organization or one sector, but it’s...

Paint the Big Picture

April 27 2015

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} This week we are sharing with you a series of five short blog posts to help you better understand how our community is working to solve the issue of homelessness. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for links to the series and feel free to leave comments and share the...