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Michelle Carlton: A Spirit of Entrepreneurship & Service Gives Hope

March 10 2020 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Some people naturally exude kindness and warmth. That’s the instant feeling during time spent with Michelle Carlton. She holds many titles – mother, friend, daughter, mentor, successful real estate professional and philanthropist. She has made great strides in each of them and humbly shares her journey in philanthropy. Underpinnings of compassion...

Central Florida Estate Planning Attorney Gives the Community Options to Leave a Legacy

January 10 2017 • Rachel Calderon

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Richard T. Hurt, more commonly known as “Rick,” is one of the most respected voices for estate planning in Central Florida. In his over 35 years of practice, he has earned the respect of his clients helping them with their estate planning needs. His devotion to his clients shows through...

Meet Rick Baldwin
Local Businessman Gives Back to the Community that has been so good to him

October 04 2016

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Rick Baldwin will tell you that he’s not a “philanthropy guy.” While he might not have adopted a title, he has a huge heart for the community that has been so good to him. Born and raised in Florida, he has strong roots planted here. His first job out of...

Autumn Ames and Family Give Back in a New Way
How one young family uses Central Florida Foundation to invest in their community

August 16 2016


“We like the community focus of knowing we are a part of something bigger.” Autumn and her husband knew setting up an advised fund at the Foundation instead of a charitable gift account at a traditional financial institution was the direction they wanted to go.

A Day for the History Books
Mr. Kenneth F. Murrah, Esq. To Be Named Outstanding Philanthropist at National Philanthropy Day

November 06 2015

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Friday, November 13, marks the 30th anniversary of National Philanthropy Day. At Central Florida Foundation, we are honored to present the first Kenneth F. Murrah Esq. Award for Outstanding Philanthropist. Although Mr. Murrah passed away in December 2014, his legacy will continue in Central Florida forever. In light of this...

Young Professionals Look To The Central Florida Foundation For Giving Wisdom

August 15 2015

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Avani Desai didn’t grow up in a philanthropic household. Her parents were immigrants from India and had to focus on providing for their own family and didn’t have the means to give. When they did give, it went back to their home country. Giving wasn’t part of their lifestyle at...

Central Florida Perspective: Elizabeth Brothers

April 03 2015

{image:url:title}{image:url:title} Elizabeth Brothers is one of the earliest voices on philanthropy in the Central Florida community. Her passion started at an early age and she remembers her parents being involved with their church and her father was part of the veteran’s organization that collected used toys and made them...