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It was a great Appreciation Event!

April 07 2017

{image:url:title} This week we had the opportunity to get together with our nonprofit fund holders to enjoy sweets and treats and say thank you for partnering with us to sustain their organization for the years to come. We were excited to give everyone a copy of our NEW nonprofit endowment toolkit,...

Our Central Florida Homeless Issue - What Should You Do?

April 06 2017 • Meghan Warrick

{image:url:title} In our last post about homelessness, we discussed a housing-first approach that our community has adopted to end homelessness in Central Florida. This month, Meghan Warrick, our executive vice president and chief financial officer is sharing a more personal perspective on homelessness and how as individuals we can help… Often...

Twitter Thank you Drew Madsen, former President of Panera Bread and current @noodlescompany Boardmember, for stopping by to…… - 15 Aug - Follow us!