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Where Does Your Nonprofit Fit In?

April 30 2015

{image:url:title} Now that we are nearing the end of the blog series for this week, you might be wondering where your nonprofit fits in with these changes. Here are a few guidelines: Your organization’s Nonprofit Search portrait will be an important resource. Maintain a Reviewed portrait so that your organization’s work...

Winds Are Changing

April 29 2015

{image:url:title} Today’s post in the series is about how the environment is changing in regards to solving homelessness in Central Florida. So much great work happens in our community every day that we learn through conversations, Nonprofit Search, social media, events and more. What if we could take it a step...

Who's Who?

April 28 2015

{image:url:title} Continuing from yesterday’s post about the goals of our community around solving homelessness, today’s post is about the roles of Central Florida Foundation, Central Florida Commission on Homelessness and Corporation for Supportive Housing. The issue of homelessness is not just the responsibility of one organization or one sector, but it’s...

Paint the Big Picture

April 27 2015

{image:url:title} This week we are sharing with you a series of five short blog posts to help you better understand how our community is working to solve the issue of homelessness. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for links to the series and feel free to leave comments and share the...

Our Knowledge Is Your Giving Wisdom

April 17 2015

{image:url:title} Nonprofit Search is the place for discovering Central Florida nonprofits. You can search for nonprofits you know and love, or learn about the work of an organization that’s new to you. It’s a tool for everyone to use to better understand and invest in the nonprofits serving our region and...

Central Florida Perspective: Elizabeth Brothers

April 03 2015

{image:url:title} Elizabeth Brothers is one of the earliest voices on philanthropy in the Central Florida community. Her passion started at an early age and she remembers her parents being involved with their church and her father was part of the veteran’s organization that collected used toys and made them like new....

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