Impact Funds

Impact Funds harness the collective insight, expertise and resources of the community to address critical issues affecting Central Florida.

Thrive Central Florida

COVID-19 will change our community forever. With an eye on today and the future, Central Florida Foundation shares these Impact Funds to bring resources to current challenges and to keep our sights set on the community we aspire to be.

This is Central Florida Foundation’s vision for a community where everyone feels at home. When we use our heads and hearts to confront what we know about our region and where we want to go, real change happens. Change that drives action and demands results. Now, we own our challenges and come together across sectors to drive towards the type of community we desire for today and tomorrow. Economic Stability, Healthcare, Livability, Education, and Community and Social Connection are the scaffolds that construct a whole, thriving community for all.

Economic Stability

The Economic Stability Impact Fund boosts the talent pipeline, drives employment innovation, promotes security for the local workforce, and more.

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The Healthcare Impact Fund helps Central Florida residents with access to care, physical activity and healthy diets to increase life expectancy.

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The Livability Impact Fund builds strong, connected neighborhoods that improve the quality of life for residents from green space, to the arts & more.

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The Education Impact Fund makes education accessible, with a focus on social-emotional learning, early literacy, and life-long learning.

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Community & Social

The Community and Social Connection Impact Fund provides everyone the opportunity to succeed and to be a voice in their community.

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Other Impact Funds

Better Together Fund

The Better Together Fund supports victim’s families and survivors of the Pulse shooting, as well as programs created to help our community after this tragedy.

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Homelessness Funds

The Homeless Impact Funds focus on the development and implementation of long-term, system-wide solutions that reduce homelessness in Central Florida.

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