Attainable Housing

With nearly 1,500 people moving to the region every week, Central Florida needs more housing inventory at all levels to ensure a place for everyone. To move this strategy forward in a holistic way, we also must create capital to assist builders to cover the gaps of building housing that fits the needs of the market inside or outside of the housing trust.

Central Florida Regional Housing Trust

We believe in the dignity that secure and stable housing ensures. With that, we have teamed up with City of Orlando, Orange County, developers, builders, bankers,nonprofit housing providers, University of Central Florida, Valencia College, and subject matter experts from planning and urban development, to establish the Central Florida Regional Housing Trust (CFRHT) that has begun in Parramore. The Regional Housing Trust will offer more attainable prices on housing for renters and buyers as areas around Orlando redevelop and property values increase.

The CFRHT could ultimately impact hundreds or thousands of people across Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties. It is designed to help the jurisdictions identify and to receive real estate that can be developed into mixed income, multi-family, and single-family home ownership and rental properties.

Current projects:

The launch of the CFRHT in Parramore includes the acquisition of 83 housing units that are currently under renovation, while holding rents to attainable rates. Learn more about this project here.

How you can help:

  • Invest in the Parramore Asset Stabilization Fund to help complete the project
  • Invest in the Central Florida Regional Housing Trust
  • Places properties in the trust


Mark Brewer

Frank Wells