An ROI Based Approach

Give Where the Heart Is

Connect Philanthropy to Passion

With a wide variety of strategies and approaches designed specifically for you, Central Florida Foundation provides the most flexible vehicles for philanthropy and connects you to local initiatives that are important to you and your family. What’s more, we measure the performance of your gift - and the organizations that benefit from your generosity - to achieve greater results.

Invest in Purposeful Giving

At Central Florida Foundation, we view charitable giving not as a passive transaction, but as an active expression of personal beliefs. Simply put, we help caring, passionate people make a lasting impact in our community - in areas that matter most to them. When you choose to partner with us you’re not only a donor… you’re a doer!

Take the first step

It’s one thing to want to change the world. Turning that vision into reality is quite another. Leveraging a deep understanding of our local community and the issues it faces, Central Florida Foundation will work with you to develop wise giving strategies for long-term change. Together with others who share your vision for a better community, your contribution can create positive social change and make a different. But, the first step is to engage…so let’s connect and get the conversation started.

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