Community Conversations

How has COVID-19 intensified already existing hunger and housing issues? 4.29.2020

Community Conversation for Advisors: Philanthropic Legislation Update & iCLATS

What role does social enterprise play in times of uncertainty?

How can we measure impact and evaluate trends in data to create a thriving community?

How are educators and families coping with changes to education in 2020?

How has COVID-19 Impacted the Environment and Sustainability?

A Community Conversation on Racism and the Underlying Issues. 6.11.2020

How is COVID-19 affecting financial planning and charitable giving? 5.20.2020

What issues has COVID-19 created for the education system? 05.13.2020

What issues does a global pandemic ignite for the underinsured? 5.6.2020

How Will Our Local Economy Survive COVID-19 and Eventually Rebuild? 4.22.2020

Does COVID-19 Present Entirely New Mental Health Challenges? 4.15.2020

How will our healthcare systems handle the COVID-19 crisis? 4.8.2020

Intro: Conversations that will define our community's response to COVID-19. 4.1.2020