Summer Arts Society: Americans in Paris by OMA

May 8, 2023

Paris has always had a particular allure – it does for us, and it did for artists in the 19th century. In the decades following the Civil War, hundreds of Americans joined the throngs in Paris. American collectors were buying European art, and they need to compete, so they studied with French mentors, and studied paintings at the Louvre to establish credibility. Many responded to the city’s beauty, vitality, and entertainments, which they painted from the audience’s point of view. Join Susan Rosoff for this crème de la crème series.

May 8: American Artists Flock to Paris
The list of American artists in Paris is vast. John Singer Sargent, James Whistler, Childe Hassam, William Glackens, Robert Henri, and Maurice Prendergast are a few of the artists we’ll explore.

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Posted by Laurie Crocker

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